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Author Topic: [ZFGC Weekly] The Big Question - November 16th, 2008  (Read 4242 times)

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Re: [ZFGC Weekly] The Big Question - November 16...
« Reply #40 on: November 17, 2008, 05:28:48 am »
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God !@#$% damnit, why the hell is the weekly question being used to push an agenda?  Bert, you know better than to do this sort of stuff, and you know exactly what I'm talking about.

This is getting ridiculous kids.

Bert; stop pushing the issue about 4Sword being staff. You're the only one doing it, and it's getting old quick. This thread is a good example of why it's getting old; check out the responses. It's an abuse of your status. You as someone who is familiar with the military should know you don't try to undercut higher ranks. It's been made blatantly clear from the administration that it's not going to happen. So give it a rest.

4Sword; Yes, you do a lot for the forum, and yes, you're involved in the community, but you just don't know how to handle opposing opinions, and that's where the issue is. It's impossible to have a civil discussion with you because you're constantly trying to prove that you're always right. Just because you think it's correct, and it seems logical to you doesn't mean it's correct at all. Sometimes you just have to settle. Besides. A person's logic isn't always correct anyway, since it's often the person's opinion of what logic should be. Usually if you have to ask to be on staff (especially hint at it as gratuitously as you have), then you're not going to make it on staff. I hate to sound like an !@#$%, but man, you need to find other things to do. With that statement, I should also add that just because you're on a whole bunch doesn't mean you're more qualified as staff than the existing staff. You need to work well with others to be good on staff... And frankly that's always been the issue.

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