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Entertainment / Terraria big update! 1.2 is here!
« on: October 02, 2013, 12:49:50 am »
Yesterday, Terraria launched it's new version, Terraria 1.2. It's a major update which features lots of things, such as new ores, weapons, armors, over a thousand new enemies, including the new bosses, and some friendly NPCs.

For those who do not know what Terraria is, is a side-scrolling, platform, sandbox. Some call it Minecraft 2D. I'd prefer to say that Minecraft is Terraria in 3D with a lot less things.
The game centers around in making your home and stuff so new NPCs arrive. As you progress, things will happen, such as a meteorfall after you defeat certain boss. And after finishing off all the bosses, you can activate hard-mode, which brings all the bosses into it's hard counterpart.

You can check some of the features included in this update here:

Entertainment / Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
« on: August 09, 2013, 12:53:20 am »
After 10 days, I finished this awesome anime. It's simply magnificent. The fact of having only 27 episodes is because there's no filler episodes! And that's sooooooooooooooo good

Show content
Kamina's death hit me so hard, but it still helped Simon a lot to develop.

And the second part is so good. I almost cried when all died. But it was so well put that death. And when Gurren Lagann evolved again. MAGNIFICENT

I can see that Star likes it for her title, and one of her profile pics  XD

Entertainment / Metro Last Light (spoiler alert)
« on: June 11, 2013, 11:16:55 pm »
I've finished now Metro Last Light, and I must say it's AMAZING. Every single point from Metro 2033 is much better here. The stealth system is very good, as in Hardcore you must be stealthy in enemies base or you're gonna get raped. Another thing I really liked is how the story is told, like in 2033, Artyom writing his diary. And, god, it's so good the story. Every time I listened to Artyom's words, I wanted to keep playing for hours.

The only thing I don't like is that the bullets are not as scarce as its predecessor. You can run out of bullets if you don't know how to rationalize, but in Metro 2033 you had to stab everyone and everything.

Show content
And the endings, for god's sake, so good. I actually like better the "Bad ending". Artyom looks so great on that ending, as he not fears death and blows everything up with himself. SO GOOD. His looks before death, closing his eyes. So fuckin good.

In the good one, yes, he lives, but he isn't showed as the courageous warrior from the bad one.

I really recommend this game, and for those who have already played it, any opinions, comments, or anything?

Entertainment / Minecraft 1.5 now out!
« on: March 15, 2013, 12:47:24 pm »
Ladies, gentlemen and ZFGCers... I show you the Redstone Update on Minecraft! Yup, that's right: a great update for lazy people that doesn't like to do all the Minecraft things with their own hands. We have quite new blocks, some will help us in the mechanisms, and for the designers out there, we have the Quartz! Since Minecraft lacks Marble, or Granite, Mojang decided to add the Quartz.

Personally, I really like this, since I'll be able to do mechanisms for farms, furnaces and more, and I won't have to be collecting everything being afraid of losing it!

Let's see the most important addings:


Has someone played the Tekkit mod, for Minecraft? Well, if you have, this are like the pipes: anything that falls into it is stuck there, and if you have a chest under, it goes to the chest! Very cool for automatic looting, right?


I, truly, haven't used it yet, but is like a Dispenser, just that it throws every block like if you have dropped it.

Daylight Sensor

Have you ever wanted your light to turn on just at night? Well, with this block you'll be able to do it! While it's daytime, the block will be powered by the sun, and at night, it won't.

That's all for now, though we have much more blocks! If you want to see more, check the Redstone Update!

(I may add more later  XD)

Entertainment / The Elder Scrolls Online Beta tester signup
« on: January 22, 2013, 06:59:41 pm »
The Elder Scrolls is developing an online version of the game, and they're looking for beta testers to try the game. You can sign up here. I already signed up, and I'm waiting to see if I get the approval.

Feedback / Christmas ZFGC look!
« on: December 11, 2012, 01:29:24 am »
Yeah, since we're having the Secret Santa and my evil plans to rule the world making people on the forum to have christmasy pictures is working correc- err, forget that last part. What I meant was, uhm, since we're all in a Christmas mood, why not having a Christmasy Zelda theme instead of the current one?

Entertainment / Share your christmas photo!
« on: December 09, 2012, 02:27:32 am »
Yeah, so this is the thing: anyone interested on this "game", modifies their profile picture to give it a Christmas touch. Something like a Santa hat, or so. Here is mine:

haha, I'm not that good at photoshop. And you neither need to be a genius to do it!

Side Quests / [Submission] Jimi's Sidequest
« on: December 01, 2012, 02:01:23 am »
First possible encounter with Jimi: before completing the Forest Temple. Link can go and talk to Jimi in the poor side, while seeing Jimi with an afro hair-cut and playing the guitar.

Second possible encounter: after Forest Temple's completion, Jimi will move to the Musical Triforce, where he was hired by the owner, as well as marrying his daughter. After this, Jimi will request Link to search for Musicians. Link can find them scattered all around the world. One of them, at least, will be just available after completing the Lake Hylia Temple. However, Link can still search for the others.

On this sidequest, Link'll travel all across the land searching for the musicians, who would look like normal NPC. After getting the musicians to play on the restaurant, Link can play the wooden ocarina given by Jimi with the musicians. After this, Jimi will present Link with a Heart Piece.

Overworld/Locations / [Submission] Lighthouses
« on: November 23, 2012, 01:07:30 am »
First of all, this is a total reference to Golden Sun.

Name: Venus Lighthouse
Location: Goron Mountain
Function: the Venus Lighthouse will improve Link's Earth Cog
Description: a huge green lighthouse that holds the power of Earth in its sphere on the top. The Earth Sphere used to guide lost travelers on its way to find the Deku Swamp, as well as to keep the the Wind Cog strong. It has now lost its power, and the Wind Cog is weakened.

Name: Mercury Lighthouse
Location: Lake Hylia
Function: the Mercury Lighthouse will improve Link's Water Cog
Description: a huge blue lighthouse that holds the power of Water in its sphere on the top. The Water Sphere used to make the Rivers flow calmly, as well as to make the Water Cog be strengthened. It has now lost its power, and the Water Cog is weakened.

Name: Jupiter Lighthouse
Location: Wind Forest
Function: the Jupiter Lighthouse will improve Link's Wind Cog
Description: a huge violet lighthouse that holdes the power of Wind in its sphere on the top. The Wind Sphere used to make the winds blow from North to South, as well as from East to West. It has now lost its power, and the Wind cog is weakened.

Name: Mars Lighthouse
Location: Valley of Death
Function: the Mars Lighthouse will improve Link's Shadow Cog (it doesn't make sense, does it?  XD)
Description: a huge red lighthouse that holds the power of Darkness in its sphere on the top. The Shadow Sphere used to darken the Gerudo Desert, as well as the Valley of Death. It has now lost its power, and the Shadow cog is weakened.


The Wind Forest is a Forest located at the right of the entrance of the Forest Temple. However, it can't be entered there unless the player has the Wind Cog, as its needed to open a path. Here it's the Jupiter Lighthouse.

Friendly & Neutral / [Submission] Lectro
« on: November 14, 2012, 01:51:05 am »
Name: Lectro
Age: 27
Race: Sheikah
Location: Hyrule Castle Town
Description: Lectro is blond and peak hair (Not a Mohawk. Pretty much like Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh). He always wear a black shirt, a blue vest with a thunder on the left side and a pair of blue pants. He has an electrifying personality.

He's often away from other people, because people is scared of him. Why is people scared of him? Well, pretty much because he can control electricity. He has the ability to control fuses, summon electric storms, and even expel thunderbolts from his body. Though many people is afraid of Lectro's ability, he's a friendly guy. The only thing Lectro wants, is people not to be afraid of him anymore. This doesn't mean that he's desperate for getting frieds. He tries to make friends by talking to different people about everyd-day topics, amuse them with jokes, or by helping them.

Though he tries everything to get friends, people still gets scared of him. Not because he can control electricity, but because they're afraid that Lectro damages them with his power.


For a side-quest, Link'll find him in his house (which has a lightbulb on its top), asking Link why did he come in. Link, knowing nothing about his powers, will be talked by Lectro who'll tell him his sad story of why he doesn't have friends. Now, the quest for helping Lectro get friends begin. Link'll go to the Valley carrying a light bulb and a couple of fuses with him. He'll show the "magic" of electricity. People, being surprised of this will ask Link how he did. Link'll say that this was done by Lectro. People, scared will say something like "Oh... I see... I have to... do some laundry... you know... see you later".

Although the first attempt wasn't succesful, Link'll keep helping Lectro to get friends. The next thing to do is to make a one-night "Electrifying Carnival", in which lights of different colors will be used to amuse the people. This second step is somewhat succesful, though, not the best and last one.

The last attempt is that Lectro will install an electric network in the valley, and at night, lanterns will be turn on. People is amazed by this, and Lectro will be very appreciated between the Shiekahs. After this, Lectro in his house will open a mini-game, the Electric Showdown! (a mini-game in which Link will have to battle electric enemies, like electric clouds, or robots).



*Lectro comes from "electricty". Therefore, his relation with electricty is even in his name
*Though he has a lightbulb in his house, this weren't invented, yet

Entertainment / Some Pokemon news
« on: October 30, 2012, 01:25:41 am »
I'm bringing you some of the big Pokemon news. Nothing about the TCG or the anime (unless you're interested. If you are, then yes), but about incoming games, gameplay and something about consoles (Nintendo is distributing various DS with Pokemon skins).

3DS XL Charizard skin!
You thought that Cosmo Black was a boring skin? Well, Nintendo got you this Cosmo Black with a Charizard on it!

It has been announced the limited distribution in the Pokemon Centers of Japan, with a Charizard skin in black. As there will be available few, there will be a raffle for the tickets to be able to buy it. This means that if you get a ticket, you'll have the possibility to buy it. The raffle will be between november 3rd and 26th, and the winners will be able to buy it between december 15th and january 14th. The price will be about 18900 yens¥.

If you live in Japan, or will travel to Japan between those days, and want a 3DS, why don't you go in the raffle!

PETA sued by the Pokemon Company
Has PETA gonne very far this time?

As pointed out on this post, PETA made a flash game criticising Pokemon. Well, happens that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company didn't like it, and now he's getting sued! The game depicted that Pokemon where pets being mistreated.

Last year PETA did something similar with Mario BROS Tanooki's suit, but Nintendo didn't care. During this, many people believed that PETA went way too far in its try to show how Pokemon "really" is.

Entertainment / Minecraft 1.4.2 now out!
« on: October 28, 2012, 09:28:17 pm »
Pretty Scary Update went out some days ago. Many new things were included, such as the Anvil and the ability to modifiy enchantments with it. Also, the Beacon Block, a new block that increases your power if put atop of a pyramid built from Emerald, Diamond or Gold Blocks.

Promotional image (released alongside the update)

So, how many of you are willing to confront the wither, bake some potatoes and defeat some Witches?

Feedback / Unable to open spoilers
« on: October 24, 2012, 11:41:01 am »
I don't know if it's my computer or what, as in other computers I do can open spoiler tags. Is just that when I click the "spoiler", it doesn't do anything, just selects the text inside.

Audio / Looping sound
« on: October 20, 2012, 02:15:02 am »
So, I need to loop a sound for the game I'm doing. Mostly, because there's a part at the beginning that I want not to be repeated, but I don't know how. Could someone tell me how?

EDIT: I'm using Wavosaur, Goldwave and Audacity.

Feedback / Winter games!
« on: October 18, 2012, 11:32:25 pm »
You know, the Character Competition was in summer, and it was pretty fun. Why not make a Winter edition, with more frosty characters, let's say (though, Icepick Vinnie, frosty character, won). It'd be pretty fun. Winter is coming, and it'd be fun to be a second competition :D

Coding / Trigger actions with buttons
« on: October 09, 2012, 11:41:56 pm »
So, I'd like to know how to, for example, when pressing the "A" button close to an NPC to talk with it, or when pressing "B" button, to use the sword. Would anyone help me at this?

Cut Submissions / [Rejected] Vaati
« on: October 09, 2012, 11:35:07 pm »
Name: Vaati
Race: Minish/Picori
Age: 10
Location: Gang Member
Description: Vaati is one of the few Minish survivors. He was taken by Farin, as he saw great potential in him, and the fact that he was different to all the other kids he has seen in his life. He was impressed by his magical abilites. However, he's not evil anymore, as he was well taught by Ezlo, until he died. Since that moment, he seeks revenge for his master. He borrowed Ezlo's magical hat, to get revenge, but he didn't find the bad guys. He then traveled everywhere to find them.
He finally arrived Hyrule, being hungry and thirsty after so much days of walking with no results. Farin found him, being weak and defeated, and gave him some food. Not much time after, Vaati fainted, and Farin decided to take him with him. Vaati found himself with the kids from the gang, and they were all looking at him, smiling and saying "my god, he's finallyawoke".
At the beginning, he refused to join the gang, and acted cold and distant with everyone, and some times, he tried to escape. However, Farin told him that if he wanted to surive, it was better for him to stay.
It passed some time before he used magic again, so he kind of forgotten about it. One day, he was sitting bored in a corner, and remembered about it. He had to start using magic from the beginning, so he spells aren't the best.

Feedback / So, I'm a robot
« on: October 08, 2012, 01:07:39 am »
You know, this hasn't happened me in a while, but when I come to the web page, I get a warning, saying I'm a robot and I want to spam. You know, I just realised that results I'm a robot

I'm doing it by myself. Oh no, I'm a program! :o

Entertainment / Writing a FAQ/Wlakthrough for Pokemon BW2
« on: October 07, 2012, 10:17:18 pm »
Anyone who is interested on this, I'm writing a FAQ/Walkthrough for Pokemon BW2, to then be sent to Gamefaqs.com. For anyone who doesn't know, here is the link:


I'm writing it in spanish, just as a personal achievement, to know I was the frist one to post it in spanish. However, I'm writing at the same time one in english.

Without much to say, I'm leaving here what I wrote untile now.

Pokemon Black & White 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

Written by BlazeBigBang
Finished on
E-Mail: BlazeBigBang@hotmail.com.ar

NOTE: anyone who finds missing information contact me and I will add it. Credit will be given.


== Table of contents ==
1. What’s new on Black & White 2
 1.1. Differences from Black & White
 1.2. Gameplay
 1.3. New features
2. Walkthrough
 2.1. A new game, a new beginning, a new starter
 2.2. So Alder’s hometown, is Sangi Town, huh
 2.3. The Aspertia Gym
 2.4. Time to head to Virbank
3. Bag
 3.1. Adventure Items
 3.2. Medicine
 3.3. TM/HM
 3.4. Key Items
 3.5. Berries
 3.6. Free Space
4. Building a team
 4.1. Basic
 4.2. Selecting Pokemon
 4.3 Selecting moves

Show content
== 2.1. A new game, a new beginning, a new starter ==

As in every Pokemon game, we have the professor giving us and introduction of Pokemon. After you see Professor Juniper throwing the PokeBall, and all that, she will ask you if you’re boy or girl, and which is your name. She will tell you who’s your rival, and you can name him.

Once you are done with this, you’ll see Aspertia City, and your mother walking towards to a house (yours). Once she enters, she’ll call you. Answer yes all the times she asks you. Now, get out of the house, and walk left, and then up. Hugh (your rival) will come, and will go walking with you. Head to the balcony (on the first junction turn right, and then go north until you see a stairs. Turn left and head to the north). Go and talk to Bianca, and if you want take a look on the balcony. Answer yes to her questions, and talk her again. Now, she will ask you which Pokemon you want:

Oshawott lvl 5 - Water type
Tail whip

Tepig lvl 5 – Fire type
Tail whip

Snivy lvl 5 – Grass type

It is a hard choice to choose just one. I kept Oshawott, as you’ll need a good water Pokemon, although now we have Eevee back, and we can get Vaporeon. If you choose Tepig, he won’t fail you, so train him in Attack EV. I never tried Snivy, as I don’t like Grass type Pokemon.
Anyway, choose the one you like more, and she will give you the Pokedex. Now you’re ready to your first battle, and as in every other Pokemon game, against Hugh. He will have ALWAYS the starter that is in advantage with yours.
- If you chose Oshawott, he will have Snivy
- If you chose Snivy, he will have Tepig
- If you chose Tepig, he will have Snivy
Strategy: now, this battle is pretty easy. It doesn’t care which Pokemon you chose, just use the tackle, and you’re done. The only way to lose is if Hugh’s Pokemon was generated with Attack IV 31, and yours with Defense IV 1.

== 2.2. So Alder’s hometown is Sangi Town, huh ==

Once you finish, Bianca will take you to the Pokemon Center, and will teach you the basic things of it, and will give you ten Pokeballs. Go out of the Pokemon Center, and you will meet your mother and your sister (or Hugh’s sister, I’m not sure), and you’ll get a map and the running shoes (you can ran while pressing the B button). Now, head north, and enter in the cabin. The lady behind the counter will stop you and give you a potion.

Now, once you get in the route, walk towards to Bianca, and she will teach you how to catch Pokemon. Now that you’re free to walk in the route, feel free to catch the Pokemons of the route (Purrloin and Patrat. They’re not very good, but doing so fills entries in your Pokedex).  Also, train a bit your Pokemons, train them to level 9, 10 (may be a bit much, but trust me, works).

When you’re done with the training, go to the east. You will find Alder over a monticule and will jump and talk to you (as he usually does in Black & White). Keep going east and you will enter Sangi Town (heal your Pokemon if you want), and you’ll see Alder standing in the first junction. Head all the way north until you find Alder again. Go to the north and then to the east.

We’re in the Route 20. Now, we’ll have a couple of battles.

Patrat lvl 4

Purrloin lvl 4

Patrat lvl 4

Once you’re done with all the battles, head to the east, where is a hiker that won’t let us go through, so head north. There’s a little ranch, and a little area of tall grass to train (lvl 12, 13) and catch Pokemon (you can find Mareep and Riolu as another generation Pokemon). Head north, and in the first fences you see at your left, go. You’ll find Hugh and another battle with him. Before the battle, make sure to have all your Pokemons at full health.

- If you chose Snivy
Trainer Hugh
Tepig lvl 8
Strategy: if you haven’t trained your Pokemon, you’re gonna have a bad time. Just make sure that his ember may damage your Snivy. I highly recommend using another Pokemon like Lillipup to use tackle without having the risk of being easily defeated. If you’re lucky enough, in Sangi Ranch you may find a Psyduck, or an Azurill to use it against him.

- If you chose Tepig
Trainer Hugh
Oshawott lvl 8
Strategy: make sure to have another Pokemon. If you go alone with your Tepig, you’re almost dead. If you have Tepig in a high level, like 12 or 13, you can defeat Oshawott, but anyway make sure to have, at least, a Patrat in level 6 to back up. You may find a Marrep in Sangi Ranch. Mareep learns Thundershock in lvl 8.

- If you chose Oshawott
Trainer Hugh
Snivy lvl 8
Strategy: protect yourself from his Vine Whip. Use just the tackle. Using Water Gun won’t help you. Have any other Pokemon to support.

Once you win the battle, Hugh will say a few words, and two Pokemon Breeders will come, and you’ll get a potion. Then, your rival will run away to the west. Head to the west and you’ll see your rival. Talk to him if you want. Go through the open part in the fences at the west if you want, and head south. There is tall grass, to train if you want. You’ll find a few trainers.

Purrlon lvl 6
Sewaddle lvl 6

Now, go back where you were before, and head north. Hugh will head towards to you, and then will go north. If you go on the side Hugh is, he will give you a Parlyz Heal. If you go by the side without tall grass, you’ll have a fight.

Lillipup lvl 6
Mareep lvl 6

Head to the east through the tall grass, and if you want, battle the trainer that is there.

Patrat lvl 6
Psyduck lvl 6

Head east, and when Hugh comes, go to the south. You’ll see a shady character with a Herdier. Head to him, and he’ll ask you a question. Answer either yes or no, and you’ll get the TM 21, Frustration. After, the breeder and Hugh will come and take the Herdier back

Make your way back to Sangi Town. You’ll find Alder standing, and he’ll ask you to go with him to the house. If you need it, heal your Pokemon, because you’ll have two battles.

School Kid
Pansear lvl 9

School Kid
Pansage lvl 9

== 2.3. The Aspertia Gym ==

Once you finish with the battles inside, go out. You’ll see a man standing outside. The guy will give you the Friday Box. To the question he asks, answer yes, and you’ll get a medal. When he’s gone, Alder will come out, say a few words, and will go back to the house.

Now, let’s head back to Aspertia City, where the first gym is. Once you’re on the route, Alder will appear standing over the monticule, again. He will stop you, and will give you an Oran Berry. Now is time to go back to Aspertia for once, and for all.

Once you’re in Aspertia, you must go to the gym. The gym is in the Trainer’s School, located at the left of the Pokemon Center. Go to the north, and you’ll see a door at the north part of the place. Go in there, and the Gym Guide will give you a Fresh Water. Cheren will notice you arrived, and will tell you that if you want to challenge him, you must first defeat the opponents.

Patrat lvl 9
Lillipup lvl 9

Patrat lvl 9
Lillipup lvl 9

Leader Cheren
Patrat lvl 11
Lillipup lvl 11
Strategy: you can beat him with any of the starters with any good moves, such as Ember, Water Gun and Vine Wheep. If you have your Pokemons in good level, you should not worry. You may also want to catch a Riolu and train it to level 15, to make it learn Force Palm.

Once you win the battle against Cheren, he’ll give you the Basic Badge, and the TM 83, Work Up.
== 2.4. Time to head to Virbank ==

Now we have the first badge. Let’s head to Virbank City! When you get out of the Gym, Bianca will be waiting or you, and will give you the TM 27, Return. Cheren will come out, and Bianca will claim to haven’t seen Cheren for two years. You’ll get a call from Professor Junipper. Then, Hugh will come and Cheren will go back to the gym. Hugh will run after him to have his first Gym battle. Also, Bianca will hand you the C-Gear. After all this talk, we’re free to go.

Do you remember that hiker that wouldn’t let us go through? Well, now we must head where he is. He’ll challenge us to a battle.

Coding / Collisions
« on: October 07, 2012, 08:53:55 pm »
Okay, so, I'm having problems with this. I can't make Link collide against a wall, or in this case, a furnace. It's  kind of frustrating, as I don't know what should I do. Can someone help me at this?

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